Colorado Canine Rescue


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Colorado Canine Rescue (CCR)  is a small group run entirely by volunteers in the Denver area. Our mission is to rescue dogs from the shelters that have been overlooked and have run out of time. We are not breed specific and will take dogs into our program depending on the availability of our foster homes. We consider all or most of the dogs we take in “mutts.”  They are often strays from regional shelters, so we have little to no history on them.  Because of the lack of history, we have to make educated guesses as to their breeds and ages. We have no central location. Our dogs stay with loving foster homes while they receive the medical and the behavioral care they need. Our goal is to find an adoptive family whose needs and lifestyle perfectly match those of our dogs’ to ensure that it is a permanent, loving home. ________________________________________________________________







Courtesy Postings: The dogs listed below are courtesy posts and are not in CCR’s program.  If you would like more information or to adopt them, please contact the individual listed with each dog.



Olivia pic

Olivia is a year and a half, 45-pound pointer mix from Birmingham, Alabama.  Her previous owners had abandoned her on an interstate on-ramp, where she remained for weeks, waiting for them to return and take her home.  She survived by scavenging food from nearby fast-food restaurants and water from nearby drainage ditches.  Olivia’s rescuers spotted her frolicking around the interstate and, after a few weeks of feeding her, trapped her next to the abandoned house in which she was taking shelter.  She didn’t put up a fight in the trap and determined the best course of action would be to quickly endear herself to her captors/foster parents, with whom she has been living.

 Olivia will quickly endear herself to her forever home too.  She is sweet-natured and will try to be your constant companion.  Olivia is very playful, FAST, and energetic but will also curl up next to you when playtime is over. She loves and needs toys and makes the cutest noise when she yawns. Olivia is also very smart and is doing well in her recently-started obedience training.

 The perfect forever home for Olivia should be a high energy one.  She will not do well with a sedentary household.  Olivia does well with other dogs and is not food aggressive at all. She is crate trained and over-halfway house trained.  Also, she should do well cats but she has never been exposed to small children.  Olivia’s fosters require any potential adopter: to NOT be a first-time dog owner; to have a fenced-in yard; and to have favorable vet references.  If you are interested in adopting Olivia, please contact William Roberts at 303-927-9335.





Bailey is energetic, curious, loving, and full of life.  She deserves her freedom to run and explore, to be loved and cuddled.  She is kind-hearted, sweet, adorable, and good with people. She is not as good with cats, though, as she wants to chase them.  She loves the outdoors, running free, and she has so much energy, curiosity and excitement. She will shake a paw before her food or treat, and will sit on command. She is eager to learn and please a loving and attentive owner.

Since she was a puppy, she has been around an older female border collie and they play well together.  She is house and crate trained, current on her shots, and spayed.  Vet records indicate she is a lab-mix. Her head resembles a pit bull and her body is lean like a lab.  She is about 2 years old.

She has been through a lot of changes recently and has held up well. The main challenge since her initial transition out of my Mom’s home has been that she jumped a 5’ fence with ledges. I was happy to find that after jumping, she made her way back to the house on her own.  While Bailey is only two years old and in transition, some basic training will be good for her and her new owner.

We want to find her the great home that she deserves, and would love to find a ranch, farm, or a home with land for her to run and enjoy life with people that will forever love her.  If you would like more information about Bailey, please contact Rebecca at 720-530-3490.